Hello and Welcome to Sticky Health.*

Me at one of my favorite places – Provincetown, MA

I call it that because I aim to share health stuff that’s meaningful and memorable — stuff that sticks with you and makes a difference. As a reflection of my work, play and other things that get me jazzed, my posts may be sweet and yummy; muddy and messy; funny or sad; kooky or weird, but hopefully also interesting or useful. I’m a nurse, athletic trainer, strength & conditioning coach, massage therapist, and college health guy with a doctorate in public health; so I’ll touch on topics that touch those areas. I’ll also explore my interests in music, movies, veganism, Buddhism, race, social justice, politics, culture, and social media. All this is fair game in my blog because there’s a whole lot that’s stuck to our health. I hope you’ll join me.

Craig Andrade, CSCS, LATC, RN, DrPH is a Public health professional, nurse, athletic trainer, massage therapist and strength & conditioning coach; husband, father, friend, runner, fitness explorer, Buddhist and vegan; promoting health and quality living with compassion, creativity, art and science. My end goals: To love well. To Live fully. To learn to let go.

*The name Sticky Health is inspired by the book “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath


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